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Go Kart Racing

2023 Go Kart Race at The Rockingham County Fair


All drivers shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner.

Physical violence or verbal abuse of any individual, official, participant, spectator, etc. will not be tolerated. Any physical violence with result in permanent ban from any and all Rockingham County Fair events.

Drivers are responsible for their pit crew and guests.

Penalties for misconduct will be charged directly to the driver resulting in being disqualified from the event.

Verbal abuse will be a cause for immediate ejection including loss of points from an event.

Arguing with race officials or track workers or any unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. This includes everyone – drivers, pit crews and spectators.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden for all racers, pit crew and guests.

No crew member is allowed to enter the racetrack under any circumstances unless given clearance by the Race Director


All decisions concerning scorekeeping, disqualification and interpretation of Rockingham County Fair Rules by Track Officials are final.

The flagman or the Race Director has the right to offer a complete restart, if he feels it is necessary.

The green flag will be given when the front row karts are keeping a reasonable pace and the front row karts are even with each other. It is the responsibility of the karts behind them to keep up and stay information. If the front row accelerates prior to the green flag, the flagman may call a false start. If the front row fails to receive the green after two (2) attempts, the front row will be moved to the back row and the second row will be moved to the front. After one (1) attempt with the new front row a false start happens again, the karts will move into single file line up.

No karts may pass with intent to advance position prior to exiting start box. Subject to penalty of black flag.


A formal driver’s meeting will be held after practice. All minor racers (under 18) must have an adult present at the meeting. Attendance at the meeting is mandatory. Any driver who misses the meeting will forfeit their starting position and start in the rear of the heat race.


Unnecessary rough driving, bumping, blocking or otherwise foul driving will subject the driver to disqualification. The Race Director’s decision is final.

If you receive a Black Flag for aggressive driving

1st Offense – Go to the rear of the pack

2nd Offense – DQ

Deliberately driving all four (4) wheels off the track to improve your position will result in a penalty. If the action was not taken to avoid an emergency situation, you will be scored one (1) lap down for each occurrence. If you inadvertently leave the track with all four (4) wheels, you must re-enter the race safely and without advancing your position.

If your kart spins out three times by itself causing a caution you will be shown the black flag to leave the track.

If your kart spins out a caution will not be thrown unless your engine shuts off, kart becomes incapacitated, or you are directly in the flow of oncoming traffic.

If you are involved in a caution and your kart shuts off or your kart has very minor damage (such as side panel pushed in). You or your crew chief will have no more than 2 minutes to get your kart started or repair damage. If your kart is not able to restart or beyond fixing it will be pushed to the infield and driver is to stand in safety zone until race is over.

Under no circumstance are racers or spectators to stop at the flag stand or go to the flag stand to confront the flagman. This may result in a disqualification


Green- GO

Yellow-Caution (watch out, slow down)


White- One Lap Remaining

Checkered- Race over complete one cool down lap and exit track

Blue with Yellow Stipe-This is the courtesy flag shown to drivers not on the lead lap. It indicates that the slower drivers should yield to the faster drivers approaching them.

Black- DQ

General Rules

Tire prep will be allowed.

Weights: any weights >7 lbs. to be secured by a 3/8” bolt or two 5/16” bolts, and all weights must be double-nutted. When double nutting a weight, the threads of the bolt must protrude the top of the jam nut by 1/4”. A nyloc nut, or similar locking nut, is recommended for use as the jam nut.

Tires: Maxxis HT-3, Blues left, Pinks right for all Senior classes. Recaps NOT permitted.

The Tillotson PK-1B clone carburetors are not permitted.

All 4-cycle classes will be open dry clutch. (See last page for class structure)

Air Filters can only filter from the sides of the filter. Air filters with an open end must be taped over to prevent airflow from the end.

Champ Kart Seat Belts: Belts must have dated SFI tag visible, be in good condition with no fraying or tears, and be no older than four years old.

Helmets: Snell 2005M helmets are not acceptable for 2021 for Sprint and Champ Karts. Snell 2010M and Snell 2015M are acceptable for Sprint Karts, but not acceptable for Champ Karts (must be Snell 2010 or 2015 SA or SAH). Snell CMR and CMS 2016 Helmets are acceptable for Sprint and Champ Karts. No helmet mounted cameras allowed.


Predator Class Rules

Competitors can run the Ducar 212cc or Predator Hemi 212cc engine.

Engine must be ran out of box with only the following modifications: can unplug but not remove oil sensor, can disconnect tank vent but must be plugged, can drill cap with max 1 hole and 3/16 bit, can disconnect throttle stop screw, can run a top plate, remote mounted tank and fuel pump.

Governor must remain operational (Must Surge) and be capable of an on-stand test with a max rpm of 5500. Tech supplied tach can also be used to check at end of race.

The air filter assembly must be 100% stock with all factory parts and pieces in use.

No taping or decals to cover the recoil vents.

Dry clutch with #35 chain only. Must have a chain guard. No mini gear hubs allowed. No skip tooth or half tooth gear allowed.

All other class rules with follow VDKA.


Outlaw Jr Stars 275# (for info on this class call Gary Stiteler Jr 540-820-9445)

Predator Sprint 375#

Predator Champ 425#

Clone Heavy Sprint 375#

Adult Sprint Open

Adult Champ Open

Contact Gary Stiteler Jr At 540-820-9445 or Josh Stiteler 540-820-9449 (only call after 1pm) for any questions.

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