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Rockingham County Fair Horse Show

September 1, 2024

Horse Show Information

2024 Horse Show Waiver

Class Patterns

Tips For Show Day


1. Arrive early….being late to the show only stresses you and your horse.

2. Prepare your clothes and tack the night before the show. Appropriate show clothes give you a finished look....jeans and a tank top are good for a trail ride and game classes.

3. Cleanliness is the name of the game...give your horse a shiny coat and a picked out mane and tail. Put a dab of baby oil in your horse's ears and around his eyes and muzzle to accent his features. Clean tack is important. A sparkling bit and hardware show that you care. Be sure to inspect your equipment for safety.

4. DO NOT FORGET FLY SPRAY and a hay bag and water bucket!

5. Ladies…..long hair is best put up in a bun and off your shoulders and back. Remember...your back number needs to be visible. Stud earrings are appropriate …..dangly earrings, although pretty, are a distraction.

6. Even though your mind is on your horse...pay attention to your surroundings….an unruly horse should give you cause to make a wide circle or even cross the ring in order to get you and your horse out of harm’s way.

7. Win or lose….compliment the winners in your class. No one likes a whiner or a poor sport.

8. Ask an accomplished horseman what you can do to enhance your performance. Watch other exhibitors to help you get a sense of improvement. Know your leads. Know proper show ring etiquette. Don’t know? Ask.

9. Keep in mind….it’s only an opinion….another judge...another weekend will probably produce completely different results. We all like something different and that includes judges.

10. ALWAYS...always…..be a good sport…. even if you don’t get a ribbon! It’s a privilege and a gift to even be able to compete when so many others will never have the opportunity! It should always be about the ride you get and never about the ribbon.

Lastly….be safe and above all, have fun!! Horses truly are the sport of kings!!
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