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New This Year!!!! Tied Lap Robe

Are you in a club, have a group of crafty friends, or need a class project for community service?

Then consider this outreach Fair project!

We have added GROUP TIED LAP ROBE as a special class this year. We want to promote fabric arts, encourage group participation and competition, and give back to our community. Your group makes the Lap Robe then enters it into the Junior/Youth Homemaking Department at the Rockingham County Fair in August. If you win a ribbon, the group keeps the ribbon and the premium, BUT the lap robe must be donated to an aging adult or senior residential facility!

Making one can easily be done by a group in less than an hour. No sewing required.

Teachers, there are numerous SOL applications. Club & Scout Leaders, this could fulfil a community service requirement. Challenge another group, club or classroom! Make it as a VBS craft! Open to ages 4 to 19 in three age divisions:4-8, 9-13, and 14-19.

Or this can be made and entered just by you!

Click here for directions.

DIRECTIONS FOR A TIED LAP ROBE (no sewing required)

Use fleece cloth. The robe will be two-sided, so the colors can be the same or you can use two different, complimenting colors or patterns.

Cut two pieces of fabric no less than 48 x 60 inches and no more than 58 x 72 inches.

Preparing the Fabric: Lay the two pieces on top of each other with the wrong sides together so they won’t show. We suggest pinning them in the middle in numerous places to keep the pieces together.

Cutting the Fringe: keeping the two pieces of fabric together, cut out a 3-inch square at each corner. Then mark 3 inches from the edge of the fabric all the way around. (chalk line, painter’s tape, etc., on just the top layer). Then make cuts through BOTH pieces of fabric, 1 to 2 inches wide up to the marked line.

Tying the Knots: Using a square knot, tie the upper fringe to the lower fringe. (left over right --- right over left) Try to be consistent with the knots and BE SURE you tie the correct two pieces together. Sometimes the fabric moves, and you skip a piece or two of fringe – oops! This is where pinning helps to avoid errors. Pins are your friends.

Readying it for Fair: Wash your lap robe. Enter/pre-register it in the correct age division using Fair Entry (choose one member of your group to ‘be responsible’ – we’ll add the group ID later) starting June 1, 2024 and bring it to take-in on Sunday, August 11th between 2 PM and 6 PM.

Good luck and thanks for participating! We want to deliver LOTS of lap robes and show off youth talent this August!

Printable Tied Lap Robe Information

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