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Farm Crops

Farm Crops – Department G

Tim Mines and Kevin Driver,

Department Superintendents

Entries will be received on Sunday, August 13 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Monday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Judging will begin Monday, once the last entry is accepted. PLEASE ENTER THROUGH GATE #6. All products shown in this department must be grown in the current year. This year ages 6 - 19 years old will compete in the Junior Farm Crops, and 20 and older will compete in the Senior Farm Crops Division.

Bundles must be 4-6 inches in diameter .All hay must be in 6 inch loaf size.

Section I

Class No.

G-1. Shelled Soybeans (Gallon)

G-2. Shelled Corn (Gallon)

G-3. Wheat (Gallon)

G-4. Oats (Gallon)

G-5. Barley (Gallon)

G-6. Rye (Gallon)

G-7. Triticale (Gallon)

G-8. Small Grain Haylage (Gallon)

G-10. Alfalfa Haylage (Gallon)

G-11. Sorghum Haylage (Gallon)

G-12. Corn Silage – Regular Chopped (Gallon)

G-13. Corn Silage – Kernel Processed (Gallon)

G-14. High Moisture Corn (Gallon)

G-15. Earlage (Gallon)

Section II Class No.

G-16. Orchard Grass (Bundle)

G-17. Bermuda Grass (Bundle)

G-18. Timothy (Bundle)

G-19. Alfalfa (Bundle)

G-20. Red Clover (Bundle)

G-21. Lespedeza (Bundle) 4-6 inches

Section III Class No.

G-22. Alfalfa Orchard Grass Hay – 6 inch loaf

G-23. Alfalfa Hay – 6 inch loaf

G-24. Red Clover Hay – 6 inch loaf

G-25. Orchard Grass Hay – 6 inch loaf

G-26. Timothy Hay – 6 inch loaf

G-27. Mixed Hay – 6 inch loaf

G-28. Bermuda Grass Hay – 6 inch loaf

G-29. Straw – 6 inch loaf

Section IV Class No.

G-30. Yellow Corn – 5 Ears

G-31. Buckwheat - 5 Stalks

G-32. Bundle of Soybeans – 5 Stalks

G-33. Hybrid Corn – 5 Stalks

G-34. Silage corn – 5 Stalks

G-35. Sugar Cane – 5 Stalks

G-36. Broom Corn – 5 Stalks

G-37. Sorghum – 5 Stalks

G-38. Millet – 5 Stalks

G-39. Tobacco – 1 Stalk

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