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Antique Tractor Pull

Thursday, August 17

Registration Closes 4:30pm
Harrisonburg Ford Arena – 5:00 p.m.

  • All safety Rules will be enforced at all times on and off the track!
  • “A” Class tractors must be 1959 or older; “B” Class tractors must be 1959 or older. No turbo chargers allowed. Cannot pull in Antique and Farm Pull.
  • Classes Offered:

2,500 A; 2,500 B 3,000 A; 3,000 B

3,500 A; 3,500 B 4,000 A; 4,000 B

4,500 A; 4,500 B 5,000 A; 5,000 B

6,000 A; 6,000 B 7,000 A; 7,000 B

8,000 A; 8,000 B 9,000 A; 9,000 B

10,000 A; 10,000 B

  • Drawbar height 20” maximum and 18” from center of axle. Tractors with 3 point hitches must have stays so hitch cannot raise over 20”. Hitch to have a 3” horizontal ring.
  • All tractors must have working governors.
  • “A” Class maximum RPMS 10% over stock high idle. “B” Class maximum RPMS 3,000.
  • Instead of random RPM checks, a “protest only” method by which members will protest, in writing, other members in their class and within 5 places of their finish. The protest must be made by the end of the following class and given to a track official or taken to the announcer’s stand.
  • “A” Class 3.0 MPH; “B” Class 6.0 MPH
  • Horn can blow 3 times. 1st and 2nd blows, puller must slow to turn horn off. 3rd blow puller is disqualified.
  • Suitcase weights allowed. Should weights or any other parts fall to the ground during pull, puller will be disqualified. The rear weights shall not extend past the rear tires. The front weight bracket must not extend more than 24 inches in front of the furthermost portion of the grill or main frame of tractor.
  • During pull, if any tractor tires cross the white line, will be disqualified.
  • No shifting gears while sled is in motion. Ampli-torc hydra-power torque amplifiers will be allowed to shift in all classes.
  • “A” Class tractors must have original engine. That is, stock block and stock head. “B” Class tractors must have original frame and manufacturer’s brand of engine fitting into the original bell housing without adapter plates and no more or less cylinders.
  • Racing fuels allowed. No injected gases or nitrous.

Height checked at the highest portion of the ring.

  • “A” Class tires only: No sharpened, altered or excessive road wear tires will be allowed. “A” Class tire guide must maintain factor rim diameter.
  • Hook fee will be $10.00 per hook. There will be up to two hooks per tractor. You cannot pull the same tractor in the same class with a different driver. YOU MAY ONLY PULL
  • 75 ft. rule will apply for all pullers (back up and pull again).
  • Wheelie bars are recommended on “A” Class and are mandatory on tractors in all “B” Classes. “B” Classes will be required to have wheelie bars or they won’t be allowed to pull. See specifications below.
  • Only 2-wheel drive tractors will be allowed to pull.
  • No drugs or alcoholic beverages allowed.
  • Nobody will be allowed on the track except the puller and the track officials. (No walking beside the tractor, no sitting too close to the track beyond the ropes, etc.) Track officials will be appointed to enforce this rule. Also, the ropes along the sides of the track will be 15 to 20 feet away from the track.

Class “B” Tires can be sharpened and shaped, to top of cleat only, and any size up to 20.8

X 38 maximum.


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