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2023 Rockingham County Fair Pageant - August 5, 2023

All past Rockingham County Fair Queens are invited to join us on August 5th as we celebrate 75 Years of the Rockingham County Fair!

2022 Rockingham County Fair Queens

Entry information for Miss, Jr. Miss, and Mrs.

2023 Miss & Master Rockingham County Fair Pageant

Printable Daytime Pageant Entry Form

Daytime Pageant Entry Form

2023 Miss & Master Rockingham County Fair Pageant 75th Diamond Anniversary

2023 Miss & Master

Rockingham County Fair Pageant

75th Diamond Anniversary

Saturday, August 5th Starting at 11am

Rockingham County Fair Exhibit Hall



Open to all counties.

Deadline for Entries is Sunday, July 30th.

Forms may be dropped off at the fair office (4808 S. Valley Pike) prior to the deadline.

Entries received after July 31st, or at the door will be accepted with $20.00 late fee.

Forms may also be completed online and submitted with payment via www.rockinghamcountyfair.com.

Age Divisions & Order of Events:

Boys 0-3, Girls 0-11 months, 12-23 months, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-11 & 12-14

Beauty Competition: Entry Fee is $60.00. Pageant attire is expected for girls and Sunday best for boys. Winner and 2 runner ups given in each division. Winners receive a Beautiful Crown, trophy, banner, gifts, and fair admission tickets. A personality winner is also chosen. Runner ups to receive a trophy. Participation trophy or gift given to all not receiving another award. Modeling is judged on girls age 4 and up.

Photogenic Competition: Entry Fee is $10.00, and photo may be brought to the pageant. Pictures must be 8x10 or smaller, no frames. Please label them with name and age group on the back. One winner in each division. Extra photos can be entered for an additional $10.00 each.

Good Luck Wishes: Good luck wishes can be sold for 1.00 a piece or a monetary donation. Must turn in all money by 12:00 day of pageant for all age divisions under 5years old. For all divisions 6 and up money must be turned in before 1:30pm. 2 winners chosen from contestant raising the most money in both groups Winners to receive large, beautiful round crowns and entry fees paid for the 2024 fair pageant.

General Information, Please Read!

  • Dressing Room area is provided, please be considerate of your space.
    • One person allowed with each contestant.
    • No men are allowed in the dressing areas.
    • Extension cords, racks and mirrors are encouraged.
  • Past queens may not re-enter the same division they have won and must sit out 1 year regardless of age division changes. Age is determined by the day of pageant.
  • Door Admission is $8.00. Everyone pays for door admission.
    • Daytime admission also allows entry into night pageant.
    • Doors will not be open until 10am.
  • All hair and make-up artist pay $50.00 vendor fee.
  • Program books are $10.00 each.
  • No numbers are posted on social media.
  • All Paper forms must be paid with cash or check made payable to RCFA. Return checks will be charged $50 return fee. Online forms can be filled out at www.rockinghamcountyfair.com must be paid with credit card.

***This is a fundraiser pageant; Volunteers dedicate their time.***

No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated. Anyone conducting themselves in a rude or unprofessional manner will not be allowed to enter back into the pageant for 2 years and no refunds will be given, they will also need to leave the premises.

Forms can be completed and mailed with payment to or submitted online at www.rockinghamcountyfair.com

Melissa Frazier Stum

Rockingham Co. Fair Pageant

2021 S. Eastside Hwy

Elkton, VA 22827

Voicemails can be left for Melissa @ 540-820-1930 or Keli @ 540-435-0491

Email: coachmelissa4pvt@comcast.net

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